CAMPE goes into partnership with European Union
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CAMPE goes into partnership with European Union to implement ONGIKAR project

CAMPE signs agreement with European Union to implement its ONGIKAR project. The project is aimed to strengthen the MDG and Education For All process in Bangladesh. ONGIKAR will use CAMPE’s already established credibility to advocate for policy reforms along with implementation of existing national policies and frameworks like NEP-2012, SDP-2011.

It will also compliment the PROTTYASHA project under DFID funding which is aimed towards facilitating and strengthening the PEDP-III initiatives. Overall objective(s): To contribute towards the achievement of EFA and MDG goals and facilitate the implementation of National Education Policy (NEP-2010), Skill Development Policy (SDP-2011) and the proposed ECCD Policy Framework.

Target group(s) ONGIKAR is targeting to influence 25,000 of NGO and Government officials involved in grassroots to national level, entrepreneurs, technical training institutions situated at different districts and sub-districts, with special focus on disadvantaged

areas/communities through advocacy and lobbying.

  • 40 million people will be informed through electronic, print and folk media and other different infotainment materials to activate them to be involved in education and skill development.

  • 300 NGOs and 15 Forum or Networking body will come forward collectively to raise voice on disparity issues under the wider umbrella of CAMPE.


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